Facial Hair

Our face is one such part of our body that is always exposed. Unwanted facial hair generally attracts the direct attention of people.

Laser facial hair removal procedure is a hassle-free and convenient method of hair removal.

This procedure works by targeting the dark hairs at the follicle and destroy it. Manya’s Laser hair removal treatment is the best solution for facial hair removal.

  • Laser hair removal treatment is a safe method of removing unwanted facial hair.
  • You will never have to wax/shave again.
How does it work?

Lasers are specially designed to transmit a concentrated beam of light through the skin cells and heat the hair follicles deep within the skin, and when the hair follicles get destroyed, the hair production stops the new hair from growing until they get healed up. The treatment is effective on all skin tones, and it’s suitable for both men and women.

Facial Hair