Figure Correction

Manya's state of art body shape techniques is quite popular in India. Figure correction treatments at Manya’s will help you to achieve the perfect figure of your dream in the shortest time. The treatment would not only reshape the body but also brings about a balance to your body. Figure correction is required for some individuals who may not be overweight but are terribly out of shape.


All the treatments in Manya's can be done either individually or in combination. The treatments would work effectively on loose and sagging skin, stretch marks, cellulite, deflated and sagging breasts from previous pregnancies, reduces excess fat deposits in specific areas, and also aims to restore the youthful, flawless body contour.

How does it work?

Manya’s dedicated specialist team of dieticians, doctors, and therapists, would patiently listen to all your concerns and customize the treatments according to the needs of your body while keeping in mind your medical history, allergic reactions, etc.

Figure Correction