Melasma Treatment

A condition in which brown patches appear on the face.

Melasma can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or from sun exposure. Women are much more likely than men to develop this condition.

The brown or grey-brown patches of melasma appear most often on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

In women, melasma often fades on its own after pregnancy or after an affected woman stops taking contraceptive pills. Skin lightening creams can help lasting melasma.

Highlights of this treatment
  • Freckles and Age Spots
  • Medication
  • Sensitive Skin
How does it work?

Melanocytes are found in the human skin — the cells that contain melanin, a chemical that stains the skin. Excessive melanin contributes to hyperpigmented skin, often seen in freckles and age spots. Sun exposure, damage to the skin or a side effect of some medications may lead to hyperpigmentation. While hyperpigmentation is not a serious health problem, for cosmetic reasons you may want to seek care.

Hyperpigmentation can be cured with proper treatment.At Manya Aesthetic Clinic, We use the most sophisticated LASERs -Erbium Glass LASER, Fotona QX-Max, which produces impressive results with our anti-pigmentation products.