Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is a condition that causes the darkening of the skin. One can notice patches of different sizes on any part of the body. In some cases, it can affect the entire body that would make the skin look uneven.

Pigmentation starts early from the deepest layers of the skin and will not show up until it worsens. Most of them are benign, but you need to watch them if they change color, shape, and size. Pigmentation can affect both men and women.


We provide the safest, advanced, and permanent cure to pigmentation problems.

One can experience notable results after getting treated at Manya.

How does it work?

Manya provides a wide range of Anti –Pigmentation treatments like Fruit Acid Peels, Mechanical exfoliation, Skin Lightening Facials, Enzyme Peels, Advanced Organic Treatments, etc. The treatments are given individually or in any combination.