Skin Lightening Treatment

All of us want vivid complexion. The sun, aging, and poor lifestyle decisions pose a uniform skin tone and flawless complexion.

Manya provides advanced skin lightening techniques including laser toning (Q Flipped YAG laser), skin peeling.

If the sun damage or tan and pimples have left your skin blasting, please contact leading skin experts at manya as the one-stop solution is yours.

Our most advanced skin lightening therapies reduce any form of pigmentation, including sunlight, old spots, and blemishes.

Treatment procedure:
Laser Toning:

This procedure helps to reduce the excess melanin in the skin and to achieve a healthy complexion. It is also good for deeper pigmentation and tanning so that you have a consistent skin tone. It can help your skin to rejuvenate and radiate more fresh.

Skin Lightening Treatment