Skin Tightening Treatment

As we age, on our faces we begin to lose clarity. This leads to a decrease in our skin, causing aging lines that are noticeable. Skin tightening is necessary for these important aging lines.

Laser skin tightening and lifting is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that helps to tighten and lift sagging skin. This process uses a laser on the skin to heat the collagen under the surface of the skin. This causes the skin to contract, tighten up, and lift.

  • Safe and effective
  • No medication
  • Controlled, accurate and precise
  • Fast and gentle
How Does it work?

LASER skin tightening is a non-invasive, non-surgical process that uses a charged light source that tightens the skin by heating the collagen under the skin. This process stimulates neocollagenesis in the dermal layer and gives the face a natural lift and contour. The benefit of LASER skin tightening is that it is very safe and effective.

A single device that supplies a range of treatments is a dual-wavelength laser platform, which ensures outstanding results. It's completely healthy and it's incredibly comfortable for our patients.

Duration of the Treatment:

Total treatment duration: 6-8 sessions with a gap of 15 days are usually recommended and can be completed within three months.

Time required for each session: It takes 20-30 minutes to complete one LASER treatment session.

Time interval between two sessions: Gaps can be 15 days between two sessions. Aesthetic procedures can be replicated in 6 months to one year once.

A maintenance session that can be carried out once every three months may also be required.

Skin Tightening